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Jalapeño Popper Cups

Spicy jalapeño mixed with cream cheese, greek yogurt, cheddar cheese and bacon and scooped into Phyllo Cups! Super quick and easy and they were a hit at our streets block party and with no baking required its a perfect appetizer for a hot summer day.

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Making the Filling

To get things going I took my reduced fat cream cheese out for the fridge and placed it on the counter for an hour to allow it to soften. When it was nice and soft, I added in the container of greek yogurt to the cream cheese and mixed it up with a spoon until the two were nicely combined.

I then added the chopped fresh chives, and spices to the mix and gave ti a good stir

I then added the bag of fat free cheese to the bowl and chopped up the 3 jalapeños into small cubes to be added to the mix was well.

I then placed two conected paper towels on a microwave safe plate, with one on the plate and the other hanging off. I placed the turkey bacon on the paper towel and then covered it with the paper towel left hanging over. I placed in the microwave for 3 minutes and then 30 second increments after that until the bacon was nice and crispy. I then crushed the bacon 6 of the strips and added it to the popper mix. The other two strips were crushed and set aside for topping.

After giving it a good mix, I then used to spoons to scoop the mix into the phyllo cups and topped each cup with the left over bacon and some additional chives. Serve them cold and enjoy!!

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