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Malaysian Shrimp Chutney

This Malaysian style shrimp chutney is served cold, and is the most refreshing meal or side for a hot summer day. With notes of mango, cucumber, lime, and lemon you can not go wrong! Eat a big bowl for yourself, or just a few scoops as a side at your picnic!

WW My Way Points: 3 Green, 2 Blue, and 2 Purple

Right Out of the Gates

As a start on my healthy life style change, I decided giving cooking a shot could help stop the cravings for some chicken nuggets, taco, and pizza. I started off pretty simple with this Cold Shrimp Chutney.

My mom and I were trying to figure out an easy, quick, and healthy meal to start me off on the right track. What better than a chutney that requires no cooking; just chopping and mixing.

We gathered up all of our ingredients, and as my mom can tell you, I make the biggest kitchen messes you've ever seen. Knives, spoons, measuring cups, bottles, and other little items got scattered throughout the counter and I embarked on this journey.

I pulled a bag of frozen shrimp out of the freezer and got the cold water flowing over those suckers to get them ready to eat. I then chopped up a cucumber, quite successfully I might add, and pulled out the mango. The mango was not as successful. Some youtube watching was required to get that bad boy all diced up. None the less, it got done! We then took a pair of scissors to my moms mint plant and snipped a handful of leaves off. My brilliant mother then showed me to cut the mint with the scissors rather than trying to cut it into tiny pieces with a knife way close to my beginner fingers. Mind Blown - scissors are now my favorite thing for herb chopping.

I then pulled those little shrimpies from the strainer in the sink and dried them off. I followed suit with the cucumbers and nailed cutting those guys into little bite size pieces. Next we dumped all my pieces together in a medium/small bowl and mixed them so they were all Incorporated together.

Next on the list was me learning how to work a zester, since we needed some lemon zest for the dressing. I was not extremely talented at this but not horrible. With this easy recipe I was learning quickly that I had no idea what I was doing in the kitchen. In a small bowl, we mixed all the dressing ingredients together and poured over the chutney. We gave it a little stir and we were ready to eat!

Now, since weight watchers allows for free fruits and veggies, to me the more mango and cucs the better. It made me feel more full having more to munch on without using up my points for the day.

While enjoying dinner, we both could not stop saying how refreshing and delicious the meal was for being so easy. The serving size was plenty and I didn't even finish my entire bowl. This will for sure become a favorite of mine as a dish to pass and as a simple meal after working all night, with a bonus meal as left overs. Is it really left overs if it was always cold though?


Recipe was Adapted from WW Malaysian Shrimp Salad

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