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Skinny Iced Carmel Latté

Caramel protein shake mixed with 2-4 shots of espresso all poured over ice! This stuff tastes like the real thing and even better the protein shake will keep you satisfied!

WW My Way Smart Points: 2 Green, 2 Blue, and 2 Purple

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 2

What I've Learned

First, I am not a fan of drinking my breakfast. To me its something that I will get sick of and then go back to old eating habits which lead to weight gain. I like to eat real food so I learn to make the better choices and won't fall back on bad habits. I am also not a huge coffee drinker, but on nights when I work overtime (14 hour night shifts) or when I have a string of days that I just don't sleep well (happens to the best of us night workers) I turn to coffee to get me through those hard nights. On a typical day I don't have any caffeine.

The protein shake I use (Premier Protein) is only 2 points for the carton. Since I usually take this on long shifts, those 2 extra points packed with protein help keep me full since I usually don't eat before I go in to start my overtime shift as it throws off my eating schedule and I'd be starving by 1am. This coffee bridges that gap and is so perfect!

I am not the biggest fan of black coffee. I've really missed having the yummy, sugary, horrible for you iced drinks that are flavored nice and deliciously. This idea from Slap Dash Mom has given me back those tasty drinks!

What To Do

I stop at my favorite/local coffee shop and I get 3 shots of espresso, and ask for it to be put in a size large cup with ice. Once I have my espresso, I pour in a Caramel Protein Shake and give it a good stir!

That's It! Drink up and Enjoy the Sweet Sweet taste of an iced caramel latte without the points!

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