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Cherry Tomato Cream Cheese Poppers

Cherry tomatoes, filled with cream cheese that is seasoned with all kinds of tasty herbs. This recipe is perfect as a dish to pass for any occasion. Just grab and pop them in your mouth in one bite!

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Prepping the Tomatoes

So I was making these for an appetizer pot luck at work and they were a hit. The pot lucks at work typically follow my one random day off, so I made these guys at like 4am since I need things to do to keep me up all night to maintain my sleep schedule. Anyway, I grabbed 3 cartons of cherry tomatoes from the store. I tried to find the cartons with the more round tomatoes and the bigger tomatoes. I then would cut the top off of each little tomato. Using an eighth tsp, I carefully scooped out in insides of the tomatoes and set them upside down on a paper towel to drain the extra water.

The Cream Cheese Goodness

While the tomatoes sat on their paper towel draining, I grabbed my cream cheese (that had been sitting on the counter the whole time to soften) and put it in a small bowl. I then used my scissors to cut the chives into little pieces, saved a handful to use on top, and added the rest to the cream cheese. I added in the garlic, basil, and onion salt and mixed it all together with a spatula. If you have a hand beater, that would work too, and it would be a little bit easier on the arms.

Getting The Tomatoes Stuffed

After the cream cheese is all mixed together, I used the same 1/8th tsp to spoon small scoops of the cream cheese into the tomatoes. Most tomatoes took about 2 heaping scoops to fill, and I would fill them until slightly overfilling. My tomatoes all stood up on their own, without having to do anything extra, but if you find yours keep falling over, I just put them in a shallow dish with sides to hold them up a bit.

To Top It Off

Once all the tomatoes had been stuffed, I took the remaining chives and sprinkled them overtop. I popped them in the fridge until it was time to go to work the following night and they kept perfectly!


Recipe adapted from Small Town Women

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