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Creamy Baby Bella Mushrooms

These baby bella mushrooms are cooked up in a nice garlicky and creamy sauce. They are the most delicious side dish for any dinner!

WW My Way Smart Points: 2 Green, 1 Blue, 1 Purple

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 1

Heating Things Up

To start, I put the butter in a nonstick skillet with the garlic and mushrooms. I then turned it on medium heat and cooked them until the mushroom became soft and dark in color. I stirred pretty often to keep things even and so that the minced garlic didn't burn because then it gets hard and crunchy, which yuck. I then mixed in the thawed and drained spinach and mixed it around until everything was nice and hot.

Making Things Creamy

Once the mushrooms were nicely cooked through, I took them off the stove and added in greek cream cheese. If you don't have it already made, you can substitute reduced fat cream cheese for this, or if your store sells greek cream cheese you can use that too. I stirred in the greek cheese until it was melted and well distributed.

Then I dumped in the Parmesan and parsley and gave things another good stir.

To Finish It Off

Now that everything is all together, I threw it back on the stove for just a few minutes to make sure everything was nicely heated through. Serve up the mushrooms on each plate and enjoy!

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