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Greek "Cream Cheese"

Healthy fat free greek yogurt, turned into a creamy cream cheese substitute. Very little work is involved and it gives you a free cream cheese substitute for any of your favorite recipes.

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The Set Up

To make your greek yogurt turn to creamy cheese, you will need a bowl, a wire mesh strainer, two coffee filters, greek yogurt, and foil wrap. Leave one coffee filter like normal, and flatten the other one out.

Start by placing the strainer on top of the bowl. The bowl should be small enough that the strainer can sit on top of it without being close to the bottom of the bowl. Then place 1 coffee filter into the strainer. Now you are all set up for some cream cheese making!

Yogurt to Cheese!

Place about 2/3rds of one of the big containers of fat free plain greek yogurt into the coffee filter that is resting in the strainer. You can use your favorite greek yogurt, but those with less of the tangy flavor will give you a closer substitute than those that have a strong tangy greek yogurt flavor to them. (I like Fage)

From here, take the flattened out coffee filter and place on top of the greek yogurt.

Wrap up your little set up with some foil to keep your smelly fridge scents from getting into your cream cheese.

The Waiting Game

Now you place your set up in the fridge and wait. Leave the yogurt sit in the fridge 24-36 hours. In this time, the liquid will drain from the yogurt, and you will be left with a cream, thick textured, greek cream cheese! When the time is up, Remove the foil, and top coffee filter, then place your newly made cream cheese in a seal-able container. Then you are ready to use it as a substitute when you are ready!

The Whey will drain out from the yogurt and you will be left with a thicker substance perfect for using in place of cream cheese! You can see the before on the left below, and the after on the right to see the different in thicnkess

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