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Skinny Egg Salad Wraps

Your favorite egg salad slimmed down to only It's made skinny by using a lettuce shell instead of bread and mayo dressing instead of full fat mayo. This filling little bugger is perfect for a summer day!

WW My Way Smart Points: 7 Green, 1 Blue and 1 Purple

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 1

Mixing it Up

To start I took 3 hard boiled eggs and mashed them all up with the yellow mustard and mayo dressing.

Once the eggs are mashed, I added in the salt, pepper, and paprika to add a yummy little twist

From here, I chopped up a green onion and added it in. I LOVVVVVVVE Green onion so I usually go a bit overboard with it, so feel free to add less to your liking!

From Bowl to Wrap

I just used iceberg lettuce as my shell. My days at Milio's Sandwich's made it easy for me to pull wraps off lettuce. Hit the lettuce head, stem side down, against the counter and then pull the stem out. It should come out pretty easily. Once the stem is out, just gently peel off the top layers of lettuce to create a nice little bowl. I just scooped the entire bowl into my lettuce wrap and then munched away! I ate this with some cherry tomatoes, but the options are endless. It was a super easy and fast lunch idea that did not disappoint on the flavor!

From here you just fold all the little ends in to make it into a sandwich shape.

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