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Tuna Salad Bell Peppers

Tuna salad mixed and seasoned and served in hollowed out bell peppers instead of on bread! It's a low point and healthy substitute to satisfy your tuna salad sandwich cravings!

WW My Way Points: 4 Green, 3 Blue, 3 Purple

Mixing the Tuna Salad

I used the same tuna salad recipe I used to make my Zucchini Boat Tuna Melts! I mixed the canned tuna with mayo, onion, celery, Dijon, and dill. I gave it a good stir to combine it all together and set it aside.

Cutting the Bell Peppers

I cut the stems out of the bell peppers and and cut them in half from the top down. I cleaned out in inside of the pepper from the seeds and membranes and set them with the inside facing up.

Making the "Sandwich"

I then scooped the tuna salad into the bell pepper and stuffed both sides full. If you are looking for a light lunch- 1/2 of a pepper with the tuna stuffing would be sufficient, but for a big filling lunch both sides of the pepper are perfect!

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