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Air Fried Pickles

Delicious fried pickles made in the air frier to eliminate the extra fat and calories without sacrificing any of the flavors!

WW My Way Smart Points: 3 Green, 3 Blue, 3 Purple

Seasoning the Pickles

To make the coating that goes on the pickles, I mixed flour, garlic powder, Cajun seasoning, and a touch of cayenne pepper in a bowl.

Getting Ready to Fry

I then took my pickle slices straight from the jar and dunked them into the flour mix. I made sure to coat them really well. I then placed the pickles in a line in the basket of the air frier.

Getting Crispy

I then sprayed the pickles with zero calorie oil spray and cooked them for 5 minutes at 400 degrees in the air frier. With 2 minutes left, i turned the pickles over and sprayed them again and let them cook for the remaining time. Dip these in your favorite dressing or dip! I used zero calorie ranch!


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