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Crab Rangoon

A favorite appetizer slimmed down into a tasty little guilt free snack! Made with reduced fat cream cheese and cooked in the air fryer to make these crispy and healthier!

WW My Way Smart Points: 10 Green, 10 Blue, 10 Purple

Making the Filling

In a small bowl, I mixed together my cream cheese, green onion, crab, and sauce until it was nice and even.

Folding the Rangoon

To fold these, I wet the edges of the wonton wrapped and then placed about 1 Tbsp of the mix into each wonton. I then pulled the opposite corners together and made sure to seal the seams as they came together.

Getting Crispy

I then placed 6 rangoons at a time in the air fryer and sprayed them with non-stick spray and cooked them at 325 for 5 minutes until they were nice and crispy but not burned. I served these with a skinny sweet and sour sauce but a sweet chili sauce would be tasty too! Just add WW points of the sauce of your choosing!


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