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Sweet and Sour Chicken

This skinny take on sweet and sour chicken will have you ditching carryout and enjoying a healthier dish that is still flavorful and delicious! If you are like me Sweet and Sour chicken is one of my favorite Chinese dishes and having a low point substitute that I love helps keep those pesky cravings at bay!

WW My Way Smart Points: 9 Green, 7 Blue, 7 Purple

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 7

Cutting and Cooking the Chicken

I cubed the chicken breasts with a sharp knife and placed the pieces in a greased nonstick skillet with a little bit of cornstarch. I added in salt and red pepper flakes and cooked until the chicken was just cooked through.

Making the Sauce

While the chicken is cooking I mixed the sauce up. To make the sauce I mixed the pineapple juice with the cornstarch and stirred until it was dissolved. Once dissolved, I added in the ketchup, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic and ginger. I mixed this all together until well combined.

Bringing it Together

To finish it off, I dumped the sauce mixture into the skillet with the chicken. I let the chicken in the sauce come to a boil and then reduced the heat down to low and let cook until the sauce was thickened.

While the sauce is thickening, I cooked up some cauliflower rice. I buy the frozen already riced kind and just steam it in the microwave. It is a much lower calorie substitute to white rice and when the chicken and sauce you wont miss the rice!

When the cauliflower rice was ready and the chicken and sauce was thickened, I divided the cauliflower between the plates and topped it with even amounts of the chicken and sauce.

Serve Hot and Enjoy this Lower Calories version of Sweet and Sour Chicken!

While it is not an exact replica of take out, it is quite tasty and It makes 4 really nice sized meals. For the left over meals, I did not cook the cauliflower as it will cook in the microwave when heated up.

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