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Bourbon Chicken

Chicken breasts cooked in a wonderful bourbon sauce and served over cauliflower rice for a tasty but healthier version of your favorite Mall Food Court Chicken!

WW My Way Smart Points: 8 Green, 6 Blue, 6 Purple

Making the Sauce

To make the sauce that makes the entire dish, I added soy sauce, Bourbon, water, rice vinegar, brown sugar, ginger, garlic powder, and pepper into a small bowl and mixed until everything was combined

Cooking Up the Chicken

I cut my chicken breasts into small bite sides pieces about and inch think and added them to a large skillet sprayed with cooking spray. I then cooked the chicken for about 10 minutes until it was nicely browned and cooked through.

Bringing it Together

I poured in my Bourbon sauce into the skillet with the chicken and brought the sauce to a boil. I then changed the heat to medium and let the sauce cook off the bourbon for 15 minutes.

While the sauce was cooking down, I mixed the corn starch and cold water in a cup and mixed it together. When the sauce was done cooking, I added in the cornstarch mix and stirred until the sauce thickened

With 5 minutes left in the cooking of the sauce, I placed the two bags of riced cauliflower in the microwave and cooked that up for serving. When done, I placed the cauliflower rice onto each plate and topped with 1/4 of the chicken. Serve Hot and Enjoy!!

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