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Buffa-Loaded Sweet Potatoes

What is better then sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes loaded with buffalo style chicken! This meal is the perfect balance between spicy and sweet! Not too much heat, just pure deliciousness.

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Cooking The Spuds

So, I apparently way underestimated how long it takes a sweet potato to bake in the oven. After cooking it for one and a half hours, we were hungry and stuck them in the microwave to finish them off. If you know my family, Toby and Toby 2.0 (the names of my dad and sisters fake tape worms - they are always hungry) could not wait any longer for dinner. That being said. I was baking the potatoes at 400 and they were taking quite awhile. If you have the time to wait for the potatoes, they do taste much better in the oven. Otherwise, 4.5 minutes in the microwave, flip them over, and another 4.5 minutes will get you nice are cooked sweet potatoes in 9 minutes , making dinner super fast, but you do lose some of that roasted flavor.

Prepping the Buffalo Chicken Mix

Making the mix was actually super easy and super fast. I bought a rotisserie chicken from the store and had shredded it the day before, so the chicken was already ready. If you are ambitious, you can totally cook up some chicken breasts and shred them before making the mix. Either way, I used my scissors to chop up the green onion and sent them aside. Once you have the spuds in the oven (or microwave) mix together the chicken, buffalo sauce, and cream cheese. I had the cream cheese out on the counter for a bit before hand so it was soft and mixed in easily. Once that was all mixed nicely, I added in the green onion and mixed again.

Pulling It All Together

After the potatoes were nice and soft, which ever method you take to get there, I carefully scooped out the insides of the potatoes and placed them in a small mixing bowl. I mashed the potatoes up really well, then added in the garlic powder and paprika. I mixed the spices in until it was evenly incorporated, then spooned the seasoned mashed potatoes back into the shells, packing the potatoes down. This leaves room for the buffalo chicken. After your potatoes have been returned to their shells, Scoop the chicken mixture into the potatoes, spreading the mixture evenly between the 4 spuds. Then put them back in the oven for 15 minutes, to heat the chicken, cheese, and sauce all the way through.

Finishing Touches

After the buffa-loaded sweet potatoes are finished baking, carefully pull them out of the oven. I reserved some of the green onion as topping, as well as left some sauce out, however no one added additional sauce. They were plenty covered and creamy. I suppose if you really love buffalo, you may want to add more - the sauce is FREE so add on as much as you please! I then used a spatula to pull them off the baking sheet and onto the plate and this worked well, no potatoes went down today! They were then ready to serve, and boy were they yummy!


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