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Chicken and Zoodles in Sweet Corn Sauce

Zucchini spirailzed into zoodles mixed with pan seared chicken and tossed in sweet corn that's been blended and drained to form the most creamy dairy free sauce!

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Cooking the Chicken

I seasoned my chicken breasts with just salt and pepper and cooked them over medium heat on the non-stick skillet until cooked through.

I set the chicken aside to be cut into strips for later.


We have this fancy zoodle machine that makes turning zucchini into zoodles a breeze - I also have used hand zoodlers in the past, they just take a tad longer and you get a forearm workout in! I spiralized the zucchini and set them aside

Sweet Corn Sauce

To make the sauce for this dish, I took 5 cups or corn and blended it in the blender until somewhat smooth. I used frozen corn and just cooked the 5 cups in the microwave for 6 minutes before adding it to the blender

If the corn isn't blending well, add a small amount of chicken stock to make it easier to blend.

Next, I cooked up the shallots, garlic, and lemon juice in a non-stick skillet. Once they were translucent, I added in the blended corn and stirred

If the sauce is too thick, add low sodium chicken stock in 1/4 cup increments until it forms a creamy consistency

Putting it all Together

I tossed the zoodles and halved cherry tomatoes in the pan the chicken originally cooked in and cooked until the zoodles were soft- about 5 minutes

I divided the "pasta" evenly between bowls and topped each bowl with a few spoonfuls of the sweet corn sauce and the strips of cooked chicken

Top each bowl with some fresh basil, Serve and Enjoy!

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