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Chicken Chili Quesadillas

Left over White Chicken Chili mixed up with some spinach and cheese and grilled in a tortilla for a juicy, cheese quesadilla!

WW My Way Smart Points: 10 Green, 2 Blue, and 2 Purple

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 2

Reheat the Leftovers

I am not a big fan of left overs, but chili is one of those things that is just good no matter what. Throw chili into a quesadilla and you have genius! So I took about a cup of my left over chili and threw it in a skillet and let it cook on medium low. I kept it going until all the liquid was pretty much cooked out - no one likes a soggy quesadilla!

As the liquid starts to boil, I added in 2 cups of spinach and stirred it into the chili so it would get nice and wilty.

Grill 'Em Up

I then took out my counter top grill plate, plugged it in and let in get nice and hot. Once the liquid was gone from my chili mix and the grill was hot, I took my tortilla and placed 1/8 cup of cheese onto half the tortilla. I then scooped half of the chili mix from the skillet onto the cheese.

Next, I topped off the chili mix with another 1/8th cup of cheese and then folded the tortilla over before closing the grill top.Now I closed the grill top very gently. You don't wanna squeeze all the goods out of the quesadilla! When the cheese is all melted it is time to take it off the grill.

I then cut it into 4 pieces and served it with a nice blob of greek yogurt!

I adapted this recipe from The Healthy Meal Prep Cook Book

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