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Everything Bagel Deviled Eggs

Everything bagel seasoning mixed in with egg yolks, a touch of mayo, and some mustard, and spoon back into the hard boiled egg for a delicious take on traditional deviled eggs!

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Hard Boiled the Eggs

I like breakfast quick and easy, so I usually have hard boiled eggs already on hand. I also really like the convenience of Egglands Best already boiled and peeled eggs! I started with the eggs and cut them each in half. I then scooped out the yolk and added them to a bowl

Deviling the Eggs

I mixed a tablespoon of fat free may into the egg yolks, and added in a teaspoon of Dijun mustard. I gave it a good mix. I then added in 3/4tsp of the everything bagel seasoning and mixed it it. I then scooped the mix into each egg half and divided the mix evenly between the eggs.

Finishing Touches

To finish things off, I sprinkled the remaining 1/4 tsp of everything bagel seasoning over the top of the eggs!

Serve them up and Enjoy!!

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