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Healthy Goulash

Ground turkey, tomato sauce, corn, and noodles are cooked together to make a healthier version of Goulash! This meal is

WW My Way Smart Points: 9 Green, 5 Blue, 2 Purple

Getting Started

To start things off I used a large pot to brown the turkey until cooked through. I then added in the can of diced tomatoes(undrained) and the jar of pasta sauce. I then opened and drained a can of corn and added the corn to the mix as well. I added in some paprika, Italian seasoning, and red chili flakes and mixed everything together. I covered the pot and cooked over low heat for 20 minutes

Finishing Touches

After the sauce had cooked for 20 minutes, I added in the macaroni noodles and stirred them into the dish. I covered the pot and cooked for 15 more minutes.

The noodles should be soft and most of the liquid should be soaked up.

Serve Hot, top with a pinch of parsley, and Enjoy!!

If using for meal prep, Cook in the microwave for 3 minutes (5 if frozen) and Enjoy! This dish holds up very well as meal prep and I enjoyed it for 8 days (Half from the fridge and half from the freezer)

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