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Healthy Gummy Bears

These gummy bears are 70 calories for 75 bears and are a healthier alternative to regular gummy bears. Eat an entire batch of 75 gummy bears for No Points!

WW My Way Smart Points: 0 Green, 0 Blue, 0 Purple

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 0

Setting Up the Molds

With just 3 ingredients, these are super easy to make and really tasty! To start things off, I had gotten a set of gummy bear molds off amazon. They were $8 for a set that makes 250 bears at once.

I placed 2 of the molds onto a cutting board before making the filling. This just makes transport to the freezer easier without any spillage.

Making the Gummy Bears

In a small sauce pan, I added a 1/2 cup of water. For every half cup of water, you will get about 75 gummy bears. I then added in the Mio flavor I wanted my gummy bears to be and mixed until combined with the water. After it was mixed in, I dumped in the gelatin packets and allowed it to sit without mixing for about 2 minutes.

Once a think gel layer formed, I turned the burner on low heat - I used setting 3 - and stirred the gelatin until it became the consistency of apple sauce. Stirring consistently, I heated the mix until the mix is thin and water-like again. When no more lumps from the gelatin remained, I turned off the heat and began to fill the gummy bear molds. My set came with little droppers for easy filling and I would highly recommend using something like that as it made it very easy to fill the little molds.

Filling the Molds

When filling the molds, I made sure to pop and little bubbles that may have formed while cooking. If you leave bubbles, the gummy bear will have big empty spaces in them once firm.

After all the liquid has been transferred into the mold, I placed the molds in the freezer for 10 minutes for the gummies to set

Once they were nice and firm, I pushed on the under side of the mold to pop the gummy bears free. I placed the gummy bears into a container that seals well. Ziplock bags also work well. These do not have to be stored in the fridge, however they will become softer as they sit out. If it is warmer then 75 degrees they will start to melt and should be kept in the fridge. I like the consistency of the gummies when they have been stored in the fridge and then sit out for about 15 minutes.

You can use any kind of mold you would like, I just like the look and feel of traditional gummy bears. I tried several different flavors and brands of water flavoring. They all turned out! I used Crystal Light, Mio, and Kool Aid for different flavors!

Start to finish a batch of these gummy bears take about 20 minutes! Quick, Easy, Fun, and Low Calorie! I think 4 year olds and up would love to help fill the little molds up and they will love they they get a little treat!

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