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Mediterranean Salmon Salad

Mediterranean favorites like, feta, katamala olives, cucumber, and peppers topped with delicious grilled salmon

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Getting Choppy

This salad is so fresh and flavorful but it comes with a bit of chopping. I chopped the cucumbers, onions, bell peppers, olives and cherry tomatoes

Seasoning and Grilling the Salmon

I took my salmon fillets and seasoned them with paprika, cumin, and rosemary and rubbed it onto the salmon. I then grilled the salmon

Assembling the Salad

You can mix the salad all together in a large salad bowl and scoop it out for servings, or you can make layers like I did and start by placing 2 cups on spring salad mix in each bowl. I then added in the chopped veggies and then the avocado pieces. I dressed each bowl and then flaked the cooked salad and divided it evenly between bowl

Serve the salad up and enjoy!

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