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Ranch Chicken and Potatoes

This Sheet Pan meal with chicken and potatoes coated in a ranch Parmesan crust, is baked together for a simple yet tasty meal with very quick and easy clean up! I love cooking but dishes are the worst! Everything is cooked on one sheet pan covered in foil, so when you're done throw the foil away and clean up is done!

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WW Freestyle Smart Points: 6

Mixing the Coating

I a large zip lock bag, I added the Parmesan Cheese, Ranch packet, and parsley. I zipped the bag tight and gave it a shake to get the mix nice and even. I then set the bag aside to chop the potatoes.

Prepping the Chicken and Potatoes

I washed the potatoes really really well as I left the skin on for this recipe. You just want to make sure you don't get any extra earthy seasoning in the meal! Once thoroughly washed, I cut the potatoes into small bite side pieces, about an inch in size.

I like to use the chicken tenders from the store. They are really juicy and are thin so they don't take as long as chicken breasts to cook. If you have chicken breasts, I would recommend slicing them into small strips. The other option is to use the breasts as is, but bake them with the potatoes the entire time, rather then how the tenders will be baked.

Getting Things Ready

I lined my sheet pan with aluminum foil and sprayed it with nonstick spray. I then took the bag of coatings and placed a chicken tender in one at a time. I sealed the bag and gave it a little shake to coat the tender in the seasonings. I then set the chicken aside on a separate plate.

I then added the potato pieces in about 1 potatoes worth at a time, sealed the bag, and gave those a shake. I then placed those onto the covered and greased baking sheet, spreading the out so they all get cooked and crispy. If you have extra seasonings, sprinkle them over the potatoes.

I placed the potatoes in the oven and cooked them for 20 minutes.

When the 25 minutes was up, I removed the tray from the oven. Using a spatula, I scooted the potatoes over to make room for the chicken. I gave the pan another small spray of nonstick spray where the potatoes were cleared from. I carefully placed each chicken strip on the pan and put the pan back in the oven for 20 more minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and the potatoes are soft.

I made some corn to go along with this meal from the freezer, and just cooked it in the microwave until it was ready. This meal is so tasty and clean up is a breeze.

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