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Skinny Raspberry Donuts

Frozen raspberries cooked down into a sauce and stuffed into a biscuit that is air fried. The whole donut is dunked in sugar free frosting for serving!

WW My Way Smart Points: 7 Green, 7 Blue, 7 Purple

Making the Donuts

To make the donuts, I placed 4 biscuits at a time in the air fryer and cooked them at 320 degrees of 5 minutes

Raspberry Filling

I added a 2 cups of raspberries to a sauce pan and cooked them until they were reduced to a sauce. If the sauce is too runny, add in some cornstarch mix to thicken it up. I then transferred the sauce into a bowl to cool slightly.

Filling the Donuts

I then took a spoon and used the handle part to make a pocket in each donut to make room fro the filling. I then put the raspberry filling into a bag and cut the tip off. I placed the filling in each donut until it was full.

Frosting it Up

I then took 1/4 cup of sugar free frosting and melted it slightly in the microwave. I then dipped each donut top in the frosting, Serve warm and enjoy!


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