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Smokey Gouda Chicken and Apples

This easy bake of chicken topped with apples and wonderful smokey Gouda Cheese is a very easy dinner meal to throw together! It's very "gooda" and give you the flavors of a fancy meal in very few steps!

WW My Way Smart Points: 5 Green, 3 Blue, 3 Purple

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 3

Getting Things Prepped

There is very little prep that goes with this one! First I totally forgot to take my chickens out of the freezer this morning, so I had to zap them in the microwave for a bit to defrost them. While that was going, I took an apple and cut it into thinish slices. I'd say they were about 1/4th inch thick.

I then took my brick of smokey Gouda and sliced thin slices off the block using a cheese slicer, and I used about 3 oz. of Cheese for the 4 servings I made.

Setting Up the Dish

I used a typically casserole dish to cook everything in. After my chicken breasts were thawed, I salted and peppered them and placed them into the dish. The sliced apples then went on top of the chicken. I like to make things pretty, but you can totally just throw them on there. No style points necessary!

After I had the chickens covered in apple slices, I took the sliced Gouda and placed it over the apples. Again, just throw them on there evenly across the chicken. No need to place super carefully.

Before putting it all in the oven, I added some thyme and rosemary on top. I used the dry stuff but you can use fresh if you have it! I then covered it up with the lid and to the oven it went.

Oven Time!

I put these in at 325 for 45 minutes. However, these chicken breasts were MASSIVE! If you have more normal sized ones I'd say start with 30 minutes and check on them until the chicken is cooked through. The cover on the dish will keep things from getting dry if you leave it in a little extra though!

Once the chicken was cooked through, I took it out of the oven and served it up!

I used a slotted spatula to scoop the chickens from the dish. I then made sure each piece had its apples and cheese on top because it does slide around a bit once you start moving them!

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