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Spicy Mango Salsa

The perfect combination of sweet and spicy, mango salsa is the perfect topping for fish tacos or just for dunking some lime chips in for a tasty snack, or game day dish to pass. I made this to go with some fish tacos I threw together for a family dinner and it added a great little touch to the tacos.

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Cutting Up the Mango

If you've never eaten a mango, or cut one up yourself, it can be quite a task to tackle. There is a large pit running down the middle. First you stand the mango up with the stem pointing upwards, and then slice the mango lengthwise on each side of the stem, creating two halves. Once you have the two halves, you cut a crisscross pattern into the mango making the pieces about a 1/2 centimeter wide. You then turn the mango inside out and run the knife along the skin of the mango to cut the pieces free from the skin. Some might be a little long, and I just cut them in half to make little cubes. Now you have little mango bits ready to use in your salsa! Repeat this with the other half of the mango (I used 3 halves in the recipe, and ate the 4th half as a snack)

Chopping Up the Rest

The rest of the chopping is pretty much a breeze. I chopped up about 3/4 of a red onion into small cubes, took a scissors to some cilantro and snipped until I had about 1/4 cup. I then put on some gloves to tackling the jalapeño. I first cut the stem off and then cut it in half and scooped out the seeds and membrane. I then start from the top (where the stem was) and slice thin strips. Next, I gather the strips into a little pile and cut crosswise against the strips to form little cubes. I like to make my jalapeño cubes small so they don't get too spicy, but if you're someone who likes a bit more heat, make the cubes a bit larger.

Mix everything together in a small bowl. My mom has this amazing lime squeezer and it is literally the best thing ever. I cut a lime in half, tossed it in the sqiusher, and got half a limes worth of lime juice to pour over the bowl of goodies. After that I added a dash of salt and mixed everything really well and that was it! The salsa is then ready to go!


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