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Tiny Shrimp Salad

Tiny Shrimp mixed with Greek yogurt, cheese, onion and spices! A fun way to enjoy the tiny shrimps and a really healthy low point meal for lunch or dinner! Enjoy on a tortilla or keep the points low and enjoy on a lettuce wrap.

WW My Way Smart Points: 3 Green, 0 Blue, 0 Purple (Add Points for a tortilla if used)

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 0

Getting the Shrimps Ready

I started by draining the cans of tiny shrimp, and then adding lemon juice, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Once that was all mixed together, I set the shrimp aside in the fridge to allow it to absorb the flavors. This will allow for the extra shrimp juices to drain off and stay out of your salad.

Mixing in the Rest

Once the shrimp sat for 10-15 minutes, I used a strainer to get rid of the extra liquid. Then I dumped shrimp into a medium mixing bowl and added in red onion and celery. I then stirred in the Greek Yogurt. If you aren't a fan of celery, just forget about it! I mixed all of that into the greek yogurt and shrimp and then added in the green onion, dill, cheese, sriracha, and onion salt. Once that was all mixed together I gave it a taste and added more salt/pepper/garlic powder/lemon juice to taste.

Making Wraps

I made this as a meal to have after work, or to bring to work. I buy 1 point tortillas so I eat this salad on a tortilla. If you really need/want a free meal a Romain Lettuce Leaf would work as a wrap. I served it up with some cherry tomatoes and strawberries for a delicious meal!

You can also serve this as a little Appetizer and serve it with crackers! Happy Eating!

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