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Veggie Taco "Meat"

Veggies such as mushrooms and cauliflower are chopped up, cooked and seasoned to be a wonderful taco meat substitute. If you are vegetarian, just looking to cut back on meat intake, or trying to find lower calorie substitutes for taco meat, this Veggie Taco "Meat" is perfect!

WW My Way Smart Points: 0 Green, 0 Blue, and 0 Purple

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 0

Chopping up the Veggies

To start, I took the onion and chopped it into small pieces. If you, or your kids, don't like onion, feel free to leave it out. My onion loving self puts it in everything. Once chopped, I put them in the sprayed, nonstick skillet with the minced garlic (I am lazy and buy the jar of already minced) and cook those until the onion is soft. While that is cooking, I washed and chopped up the mushrooms. I make sure to leave some larger pieces so it has the texture of regular taco meat.

Do the same thing with the cauliflower. I buy the already riced cauliflower, as it can be messy. If you are doing it yourself, use one head of cauliflower and rice it until it is your desired side.

Cooking Up the "Meat"

Add the mushrooms and cauliflower to the onions, and dump in a taco seasoning packet. Mix well and cook for 10-15 minutes until the extra water has been cooked off.

For A very low point taco, I put the Taco Meat into a lettuce wrap to avoid the Points that come with a tortilla.

Top your Taco with your favorite Taco Toppings, just remember that additional topping like Guac and Cheese will add Points to your Taco. Since I was able to save points on the "Meat" I enjoyed the extra toppings of some Pico, Plain non-fat Greek Yogurt, guac, and cheese.


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