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Baked Pretzel Chicken Tenders

I love chicken nuggets and tenders, and these chicken tenders skip the fryer and are baked! Coated in tasty pretzel pieces, the thick traditional breading is no match.

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Getting Things Prepped

Although easy, this recipe does take some small prep work to get done. First I took a large sealing baggie and poured the pretzels into the bag. I then took my rolling pin and crushed the pretzels up. You can make these pieces more chunky as I did here, or you can crush them way down and make more of a breading with the pretzels.

Dunking Station Set Up

I used 3 mini dishes and placed the egg in one, the crushed pretzels in another, and the flour,salt, and pepper in the last.

The next prep step was the prepare the baking sheet for the tenders. I took a normal cookie sheet and added a wire rack to it. This keeps the chicken off the bottom on the try for even cooking and no soggy bottoms!

Dunking the Tenders

After everything was set and ready, I dipped each tender in the flour, then the egg, then the pretzel. I made sure each one was well coated in the pretzel mix before placing on my prepared baking sheet. No one wants a naked nugget! Once all the tenders have been dunked and coated, I threw them in the oven and let them bake until cooked through and crispy.

The Golden Sauce

I then whipped up some tasty dipping sauce for the tenders. I used some course ground mustard, honey mustard, and some low fat mayonnaise dressing. Ketchup also is great if you don't feel like making homemade sauce or if you need to be dairy free.

These tenders were super easy and really yummy! I highly recommend the dipping sauce! We had these for dinner with my Zucchini Fries and it was a wonderfully delicious family dinner with no left overs!


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