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BLT Avocados

A healthy, bread-less twist on BLT's by stuffing the goodness inside of an avocado! This recipe is good for lunch, dinner, or served with chips as mini appetizers.

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Scooping the Avocado

So the very first thing I did with this super easy recipe was cut the avocados as evenly in half as possible, and used a spoon to scoop out the insides into a small bowl. Avocados have a somewhat tough outer shell, but still be careful not to rip the outer skin. I then took a regular fork and mashed the avocado up, leaving some small chunks.

The B in BLT

Personally, the B is my favorite part of the BLT. To cook it up, I placed 2 paper towels on a plate (still connected and open) Then place the bacon on the plate. I then cover the bacon by folding the 2nd sheet of paper towel over the top. This helps prevent splatter and also helps to soak up some of the grease. I was using thin cut turkey bacon, so I microwaved the bacon on high for 4 minutes. If you are using normal bacon, or regular cut bacon, 5-7 minutes should be used. Just keep an eye on it and air on the lower side if you are unsure. You can always put it in for longer. You can't un-burn your precious bacon.

I then cut my cherry tomatoes in quarters. They were some pretty plump cherry tomatoes, so if you have smaller ones, halving them will do. I tossed the tomatoes in with the mashed avocado and mixed them together. I added the garlic, basil, and salt, and lime to the mix and stirred until everything was well combined. Once all the spices were mixed in, I added the lettuce in and mixed well. Now that the bacon has cooked and has cooled, I took 2 of the pieces and crumbled them into small pieces, but didn't crush them. I added it to the bowl with the mixture, and mixed them in.

Stuffing Them Full

After everything was mixed well, I spooned the mixture back into the avocado shells. The avocados will be very full since you added all the BLT deliciousness to it, but just divide the mixture evenly and you will be golden. I then took the remaining bacon and crumbled it on top! It's that simple!

Eat 2 halves as dinner, 1 half for lunch, or serve 1 half with tortilla chips for a fun mini appetizer! You can't go wrong which ever way you choose!


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