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Cherry Cheesecake Bowls

Cherry Pie filling layered with a Greek Yogurt/Cheesecake Pudding and a crumble of graham crackers for a healthy way to enjoy a classic dessert without all the calories!

WW My Way Smart Points: 5 Green, 3 Blue, 3 Purple

Making the Cheesecake Base

To start things off, I added the packet of sugar free cheesecake pudding to the 32oz container of Plain, Fat Free Greek Yogurt and mixed really well

Making the Layers

I divided the cheesecake mix between 6 containers. I then added the cherry pie filling to each container. Next, I crumbled 2 Scooby Snacks on top of each serving!

Store in a container in the fridge until ready to eat! Enjoy Dessert without all the extra sugar and calories!

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