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Ham and Potatoes Au Gratin

Ham, cheese, and potatoes all cooked in the crockpot for a super easy, super yummy dinner. Creamy and cheesy, this recipe will satisfy your potato craving in a very delicious way.

WW My Way Smart Points: 8 Green, 8 Blue, and 4 Purple

WW Freestyle Smart Points: 8

Getting Things Ready

I always spray my crockpot with non-stick spray to try and keep the mess to a minimum. If you can splurge on a box of liners, I would recommend for this recipe. The cheese and soup makes this extra tasty, but extra gooey. The ham pieces I used came from the salad bar at the grocery store. I was feeling lazy and this saved me so much time compared to buying a ham and dicing it up. It also has less salt compared to the deli meat type you can buy that's already chopped, and it doesn't have the liquid that is associated with that type of meat. However, use whatever ham you like! I then washed and peeled 4 potatoes, and cut into bite size chunks. If you are feeling fancy, you could use a mandolin and make slices for a more authentic look, but I was not feeling fancy for a quick crockpot meal.

I chopped up the yellow onion, leaving some pieces somewhat larger. I like to see and taste the onion in my meals, however if you have picky kids that you are trying to hide it from, go small! I dumped the ham, potatoes, and onion into my crockpot and set it on low. I then sprinkled the cheese over the top and gave it a good stir so it was all mixed evenly.

Making the Sauce

Next I took the cream of chicken soup and emptied it into a small mixing bowl. I used a gluten free soup to make it friendly, but if you want to use a low fat cream of celery or cream of potato they would also be super yummy. The different soups may change the WW point value, so keep an eye out for that. To the soup I added in the seasonings and mustard and stirred it all together until combined.I poured the soup mixture onto the potatoes and ham and gave it a really good mixing. Then I covered it, left it on low, and in 8 hour, Dinner! We had this with a veggie to round things out for a complete meal.

We served it in a bowl since the sauce makes it a bit messy. The potatoes in this form are soft, but are not mushy and hold their shape. If you prefer softer potatoes, I would slice them rather than cube them.


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