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Oreo Brownie Cups

The words skinny and oreo brownie don't typically go together, but this is a slimmed down version of one delicious brownie!

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Batter Up!

To make the batter for the brownies, I used the same trick as in my S'mores Cupcakes. I mixed the brownie mix with a can of diet coke. If you are like me, I don't drink soda on most occasions so I buy the single bottle and measure out 1 cups. I stirred the coke and brownie mix together until no chunks of powder were left and then set them aside. If the batter looks to thick, slowly add more coke until you reach a normal consistency for brownie batter.

Oreo Bottoms

To make these extra fun, I took cupcake tins (the foil kind) and sprayed them down really well with cooking spray. Then I placed an oreo at the bottom of each cup.

I then spooned the brownie mix over the oreo until it was no long visible. I then baked them in the oven for 18-20 minutes and checked on them. Don't follow the box directions because they are in "cupcake" form and you will overcook them if you follow those directions. I also tried a few without cupcake holders and I think they look better and as long as you spray the cupcake pan well they should come out just fine.

Cookies and Cream Topping

Once they are done baking and have cooled completely, peel the foil cupcake holders off carefully. Then spoon a blob of cool whip onto each brownie. Crush up 2-3 oreos and sprinkle them on top of the cool whip!

You're Done! Serve them up and Enjoy! The oreo that's baked into the cupcake will change position based on the thickness of your batter. Mine was a bit thin so the oreos floated to the top of each ones. Still yummy, but if you keep your batter thicker, they will stay on the bottom and you will get a nice distribution of oreo for the entire brownie cup.

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