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Pancake Bites

Protein pancake mix, mixed with milk, and egg, and then topped with frozen berries and baked for a tasty pop-able breakfast!

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Making the Batter

To make my pancake bite batter, I mixed 1 cup of my favorite high protein mix with 1 egg and the skim milk. I used a fork and mixed it up until the clumps were left.

Turning Pancake Mix Into Bites

I then scooped a spoonful of the pancake mix into my greased muffin tin. I used about 2 Tbsp per muffin tin to allow room for the berries. I then pressed 2-3 berries into each bite and baked them fro 15 minutes in the oven

Play around with different flavors and try out some mini chocolate chips, apple pieces and cinnamon, or plain! I dipped my pancake bites in some sugar free maple syrup and they were so tasty and filling!

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