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Skinny Crunchwraps

A healthier version of Taco Bells Crunchwrap made with ground turkey, low calorie tortillas, and all your favorite fixings! instead of 17 points, you have a skinny version in your own kitchen!

WW My Way Smart Points: 7 Blue, 9 Green, 7 Purple

Making the Meat

I started with a non-stick skillet and some 99% Fat Free Ground Turkey. I cooked it until the turkey was cooked through and there was no more pink. I then added in a taco seasoning packet and a little it of water and mixed until the turkey was evenly coated.

Building the Wrap

Once the meat was cooked and seasoned it was time to assemble the wrap. I started with a 8in flour tortilla and added a scoop of the meat on top. I then added the toastada shell on top of the meat.

I added the diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, greek yogurt, and cheese soup on top of the toastda shell. I covered it with a second flour tortilla and  tucked the sides of the top tortilla under the hard shell and folded the bottom tortilla around it.

The Finishing Touches

One the wrap was assembled, I then sprayed a George Foreman grill with non stick spray as well as the top of the wrap and placed the wrap in the grill with the lid closed for about 5 minutes until the tortilla was golden brown

If your sides come up, carefully tuck them back down and continue cooking.

Serve your skinny crunchwrap hot and Enjoy!

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