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Sour Dough Soft Pretzels

Soft pretzels baked in the oven and made with just 4 ingredients! I dipped mine into a honey mustard dipping sauce, but cheese sauce would be so amazing with it!

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Dough Dough Dough

This dough is made the same way as my 3 Point bagels, other than you don't proof the dough. I took the greek yogurt and self rising flour and mixed them together with a pinch of salt.

I then rolled the dough out into about 3/4 inch thick ropes. To turn the rope into pretzel, make a heart shape with the dough. Pull the ends through until they match up with the bottom dough.

I brushed the top of the pretzels with egg wash and then sprinkled them with sea salt before placing them on a baking sheet with parchment paper for baking.

I baked them in the oven for 22 minutes, until they were golden brown and crispy! Let them cook slightly before serving so you don't burn anyone's fingers! Serve nice and hot with dipping sauce of your choice! They do have a sour dough flavor to them so don't be surprised when they don't taste exactly like a soft pretzel!

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