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Sweet Potato Nests

Nests made of sweet potatoes, apple, and onion cradle a perfectly baked egg and the toppings are endless! We had this for breakfast Christmas morning and it was seriously one of the most delicious breakfasts I have had.

WW Smart Points: 6 Green, 3 Blue, 2 Purple

Gathering the Nest Material

The number or servings you get from this recipe will vary depending on the size of the sweet potato, apple, and onion you locate. I had a medium sized potato and an average apple and onion. Those guys gave me 6 nests, but if you have larger or smaller sizes you may need to add another sweet potato or you will have larger/more nests come baking time.

To start off, I took the sweet potato, and used a grater to shave into basically hash browns, so if you don’t want to have to take the time to do that, you could totally buy the frozen hash browns of your choosing to use instead of the homemade sweet potato ones. I then grated the apple and half of the onion, added in some salt and pepper, and then mixed it all together until evenly distributed.

Cooking it Up

I sprayed my skillet with the nonstick spray and then dumped in my nest mixture. I let them sizzle for about 3 minutes, flipped them and let them sizzle for another 3 minutes. I then mixed them up and repeated that again. So they cooked in the skillet for about 12 minutes.

Building the Nests

After the hash browns started to crisp up and get a bit golden, but not cooked thoroughly, I took them off the stove. I then took my trusty muffin tin and sprayed in up really really good. That is important. If you don’t spray the tins really good your nests won’t come out of the tin when all is said and done and you will be sad. Then I took a normal eating spoon and spooned the nesting mix into the tins. I pressed the mix up the sides and then added a bit more to the bottom and made sure there was not any holes in the nest. Your egg will leak through if you have holes.

With the nests like this, bake them in the oven for 5 minutes as pictured above. After 5 minutes, pull them out and then carefully crack an egg into each nest.

Baking the Little Liquid Chickens

After the eggs have been placed in there little nests, put them back in the oven for 12 minutes. Watch the eggs closely and let them cook until the egg whites are no longer clear. Once they are white you can take the out of the oven. This will give you an egg that is over medium because the egg will continue to cook after they are taken out of the oven, while you gather your topping and remove the nests from the muffin tin. To get the nests free from the tin, I took a butter knife and carefully cut around the side and then used a fork to pop them out. This had to be done carefully. If you poke through the egg with the fork you could ooze all the yummy egg yolk out before you’re ready.

Toppings Galore

Now for the most fun part, picking out your toppings. The options here are endless. Whatever you like on your eggs you can use to top these. You could do goat cheese if you are going fancy, mushrooms, peppers, ham; basically anything you can imagine you can use. I cooked up some bacon, grabbed the cheddar cheese from the fridge, and used up some left over green onions I had. Of course, the toppings you choose will effect the Freestyle Smart Points, but you can plan those accordingly. I am sure some salt and pepper with the plain nest would be just as delicious id you are trying to find a lower point breakfast.


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