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Zucchini Egg Bake

Zucchini slices mixed with egg, sun dried tomatoes and some cheese for a healthy and tasty bake to feed a group or to eat for the week!

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Mixing the Bake

In a large mixing bowl I cracked in 10 eggs and chopped up the zucchini and onion into bite sized pieces. I added them into the eggs and mixed in the cheese and tomatoes- saving some of each to add to the top of the bake. I added in the dried basil, salt, and pepper, and then mixed that all together until the eggs were scrambled and everything was evenly mixed.

Baking it Up

I got out my glass cake pan and then sprayed it well with non-stick spray. I then poured the mix into the baking dish and topped the dish with the cheese and tomatoes I had saved. I then tossed the bake in the oven and let it cook up for an hour

Serve and Enjoy!

Once fully cooked, I cut 8 slices from the pan and served them up! This keeps well in the fridge and also works great for meal prepped breakfast that can be reheated in the microwave.


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