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4 Ingredient Bagels

This easy bagel recipe has just 4 ingredients and makes some seriously yummy low point bagels. The greek yogurt in the dough makes the bagels protein packed and they keep you full longer than a typical bagel. Only 3 WW Freestyle Points and

WW My Saw Smart Points: 4 Green, 3 Blue, 3 Purple

WW Freestyle Mart Points: 3

Making the Dough

The dough for these bagels is so easy to make its nuts. I took the greek yogurt and added just a scosh of salt. I then added in some self rising flour.

One great part of this recipe is it is really easy to make double/triple batches because the yogurt and flour are one to one ratios. Anyway, once I had it in the bowl together, I took my baking spatula and mixed it all together. I usually take my spatula and press the flour into the yogurt to start. I think this helps keep the spatula clean to start so you don't get yogurt stuck in the spatula. After a few minute of mixing, the ingredients should start to form a consistency that can be turned into a nice ball of dough.

Forming the Bagels

After I get the ball, I throw some flour down on the clean counter, and also add a touch to my hands to keep them from getting stuck to the dough. I then cut my ball in half as evenly as possible.

Now that I have my two dough balls, I roll them out into little snakes. I like to keep they rather thick, about an inch, because I like my bagels to be nice a fluffy rather then skinnier with a big hole. This part can be tricky because the dough doesn't really like to stretch. I would also be aware of using too much flour. If you have too much down the ends won't stick together well and you will have a bagel log stick rather then a bagel.

Forming the bagel can be a bit tricky. If you are struggling to get the ends to stick, I would recommend adding a tiny bit of water to the ends. It definitely takes a little practice before getting nice round bagels, but hey, wonky bagels still taste good!

Rising Up!

Now, I am guessing most people don't have a bread proofer just laying around. So boiling the bagel for a minute allows the bread to rise a bit and makes the dough less dense. I just boiled a sauce pan full of salted water while I was making the dough. I then placed the first bagel in and let it boil for one minute. I then flipped it over and let it boil a few seconds, 20-30, so that both sides get nice and puffy.

I used a slitted spatula to fish my bagels from their salt water bath, and then placed them on a baking sheet prepped with parchment paper. In the picture below you can see the difference between the proofed bagel (Left) and the unproofed bagel (Right). The boiling just makes them nice and puffy and really gives the the texture of a bagel come eating time.

Adding Toppings

After I removed the bagels from their bath, I took an Egg and scrambled it, then used a brush to paint the bagel tops with egg. If you like/want plain bagels, here is where you toss them in the oven.

If you want to spice things up, you add your desired toppings to your bagels on top of the egg wash. I used poppy seeds for mine, but you can make them into any bagel you'd like. You could add shredded cheese for a cheesy bagel, dried onion pieces, sesame seeds, brown sugar/cinnamon mix, garlic, anything! Just consider that adding certain toppings will increase WW Point Values.

After I had them seasoned the way I wanted, I tossed them in the oven for 22 minutes. I checked on them a few times to make sure they weren't getting too crispy on top.

They come out nice and golden like so! I let them cool completely. They taste more like sour dough if you eat them straight from the oven. Once they were cool, I threw them in Ziploc bags and placed them in the fridge. They will keep for 4ish days in the fridge. When you are ready to eat them, pull them out and use like a normal bagel. I sliced them and toasted them in the toaster. I found they do take a bit longer to toast then store bought bagels, but they do crisp up like normal!

Now here's where I turned bagel into breakfast! I used my Smoked Salmon Dip as a filling. This stuff makes a realllllly filling breakfast that is low in points! I smeared it onto my bagel and had a wonderful smoked salmon bagel for breakfast like I was at some fancy Cafe right in my own home!

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