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Avocado Egg Rolls

Chunky Avocado guacamole wrapped in an egg roll shell and cooked in the air fryer!

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Making the Filling

To start things off, I made a chunky guac by dicing my avocados, tomatoes, and red onion. I then added in the cilantro and lime juice with some salt, pepper, and garlic powder and gentility mixed those in.

Turning Guac into Egg Rolls

I placed an egg roll wrapper down and wet the edges with some water. I then placed about 1/3 cup of guac mix in the center and folded the corners in and rolled the wrapper until it sealed

Getting Crispy

I placed my egg rolls in the air fryer, gave them a good spray with oil spray, and let them cook at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. I then served them up with a jalapeño cilantro dip from the refrigerator section of the store.


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