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Freezer Breakfast Burritos

A healthy and filing breakfast burrito made with eggs, ham or bacon, sauteed peppers, and cheese and then placed in the freezer to eat for breakfast all month long!

WW My Way Smart Points: 6 Green, 4 Blue, 4 Purple

Meal Prepping

These are perfect little Burritos for breakfast and will keep you nice and full. To get started I chopped and cooked the Bell Peppers and onions with some oregano seasonings, and cooked them down until they were soft and full of flavor.

Scrambling the Eggs

I crack my 24 eggs into my skillet and seasoned the eggs with salt and pepper. I then cooked them over medium heat using a spatula to scrap the eggs of the bottom regularly so the eggs on the bottom wouldn't burn. I like my eggs without milk or butter, but if that s how you make you scrambled eggs make them how you like! Just remember to add any additional points to your meal.

Microwaving the Bacon

I make my bacon in the microwave! It's very easy, quick, painless (no oil splashes), and healthier as the paper towel soaks up a lot of the released bacon grease.

Making the Assembly Station

I gave myself a lot of extra room to assemble the burritos. I brought the cooked eggs, peppers, and bacon over and had my baking sheets set up on the side for burrito placement.

Starting with the shell I would add either 1 slice of turkey bacon or 2 slices of my deli ham. I then scooped 1 scoop of the scrambled eggs in and added in a pinch of the sauteed veggies. I topped each burrito with some cheese and then folded in the sides and rolled the burrito.

I then placed the burritos with the seem down onto a baking sheet. Make sure your baking sheet will fit in your freezer! My baking sheet fit 16 burritos on it and the other 8 had to go on the second baking sheet. I then placed them in the freezer for 2 hours. This sets the burrito in it shape which will make wrapping and storing them easier

After the Two hours were up, I took the burritos out of the freezer, wrapped each one individually in plastic wrap, and placed the different burritos into freezer bags and returned them to the freezer.

Eating Time

When breakfast time hits, take a burrito out of the freezer. Wrap it in a damp paper towel and cook it for 2 minutes in the microwave. Eat it up and enjoy a fast, hot, and tasty, breakfast burrito!

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